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Bus Charters Namibia offer our guests.

  •  Transfers (non scheduled) from any destination in Namibia to any other destination in Namibia.
  •  Private Guided Transfers from and to anywhere in Namibia.
  •  Cruise Ship Transfers (and daytours) from Walvis Bay Harbour
  •  Mini Tour Bus (up to 12 persons) with driver/guide. From Photography Tours to General Interest Tours, take an informative guided tour with Mark van Aardt, and get to learn about the country Namibia, its people, the fauna, flora, geology and other aspects of interest. Mark is also available as guide only for smaller private groups in 4x4 vehicles.
  •  Mini Tour Bus and Driver for Hire (suitable for from 2 to 12 persons), so no need to self drive. Tour Namibia free of worry with Mark van Aardt, without taking a wrong turn or getting lost.
  •  Breakdown Assistance Transfers – Mark can assist with getting your group (up to 13 passengers) to their next destination should you experience vehicle problems while traveling in Namibia. (Subject to availability)
  •  Accommodated custom tailored tour itinerary, and tour route planning can be arranged for special interest groups, such as family groups (Grandparents, parents and children), Photography, Geology, Visits to Namibias diverse cultural groups etc.
  •  Accommodation bookings, to suit either your budget or special interests.
  •  Mark van Aardt is also available as Guide for self drive groups, or in a smaller vehicle such as a 4x4 for private tours.

Photographic Safaris : Let Mark van Aardt show you the beauty of Namibia through the eyes of a photographer.

Bus Charters Namibia – Going the extra mile in customer service.

If you are planning a visit to Namibia to de-stress, enjoy a tranquil holiday, experience (rather than just see) our beautiful desert country and get pampered a little, then you are at the right place. Bus Charters Namibia caters for small groups of 2 to 12 persons, wishing to tour Namibia together. As Namibia is a large country, with many hours spent traveling, Bus Charters Namibia transport their guests in Boutique Mini Busses (unless alternative transport such as a 4x4 is requested) as time spent traveling should be a pleasant part of the tour, not just a means of transport.

Namibia is a large, sparsely populated country with something of interest for everyone. It is however best enjoyed, and experienced at a leisurely pace. Most of the Lodges are in beautiful surroundings and have much to offer their guests who have the time to linger longer and enjoy it. The hectic tours with tight itineraries normally arrive late in the afternoon at the lodges, and leave early the next day again, thus missing out on many experiences Namibia has to offer.

  Mark van Aardt Photographic tours, Namibia
Eco and Planet Friendly

At Bus Charters Namibia sustainable tourism, with a low ecological footprint
is important in conserving the environment for future generations.


Mark, a Photographer by profession has traveled extensively around Southern Africa (Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe since 1984, doing photography to illustrate tourism publications (Struik & Readers Digest amongst others), and school text books. Together with his wife he ran a One Hour Photo Lab in Swakopmund until it was closed in 2007, when Digital took over from Analog photography. Mark enjoys sharing his knowledge of the desert and country he has been photographing for almost 30 years. Nature should be left undisturbed and appreciated as you see it, so Mark does not disturb the plants or animals to get photographs of them.

Bus Charters Namibia Boutique Busses

Mark completed an apprenticeship and became a Class A tradesman as a Radar/Radiotrician in the aircraft industry. By having worked in the aircraft industry, Mark saw the importance of Preventative Maintenance (fixing something or replacing something before it can malfunction).   Guided photographic and scenic tours, NamibiaMark applies this philosophy to maintaining Bus Charters Namibia Boutique Busses,  which minimizes the chances of avoidable breakdowns.

Bus Charters Namibia was established in 2002, by Mark van Aardt to supply a demand for small luxury tour busses up to 14 seats with onboard luggage.  The busses have been strengthened, upgraded and features added to make them into Boutique Busses. Each
bus is unique and different in some aspects from the others, and only available with Mark as driver.

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